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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Options 

Spills and accidents happen, so why not get a floor that can stand up to the challenge? Waterproof flooring options are not new, but due to advances in technology they have gotten better. There are now more waterproof flooring options that ever, meaning homeowners like you have more of a choice and say in what kind if flooring you have in your home. At Deaton’s Carpet One Floor & Home we’ve got the waterproof flooring solutions for you and your home.


Water Resistant Carpet

In most cases, carpet can only be installed in dry area if your home. Carpet One has come up with a solution to make carpet a more versatile product. Tigressa H2O is a Carpet One exclusive brand that is totally waterproof. It prevents water soaking through to the cushion and subfloor. Install your carpets in different places like finished basements, and don’t worry about missing a spill or pet accident again.


Water Resistant Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is made to be waterproof flooring option. Tile is meant to be used on more than just floors, but also in shower stalls and even kitchen walls. You can install tile anywhere in your home with the peace of mind knowing a spill or a leak won’t ruin your floor. The best part is tile is also very durable and heat resistant, as well as easy to clean.


Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof vinyl is becoming a popularly demanded product. Luxury vinyl is a product of the future made for the present day home. Carpet One’s exclusive Invincible H2O is completely waterproof, and backed by an incredible warranty. You can have both beautiful floors that look just like hardwood, but without the worry of a spill ruining your floor.


To learn more about our waterproof flooring products, be sure to visit our Deaton's Carpet One showroom in Jackson, TN., and speak with our flooring experts today.







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